Oh boy. It's has been a long time... but finally were back! ^_^

You've probably seen the teaser. You know the one; it's not a joke. WE ARE BACK.

If you are new to NeoCities you probably don't know what this is or who we are. Network Neighborhood is a webring but it doesn't have any content because the creators are lazy and don't give a shit.

Another reason it has no real content (unless an about page or edgy images are content to you) is because it's private. That means not just anyone can join it. You have to send us an email and teal will see if you are qualified to be part of n2.

DON'T TRY TO JOIN IF 1) you support Trump. Fucking shit. 2) you try to hard to be edgy. 3) if you are a nazi or a straight white male. What's the difference? 4) if you don't accept Spriteclad as your lord and savior.

Even if you do follow these steps, we probably won't let you join.

n2hub was only created to followed our real accounts and as a safe place for any hate speech. The internet has a lot of that. BTW, fuck you!